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BluePoint Pools was founded by husband and wife

BluePoint Pools was founded by husband and wife, Omar and Yaneli Becerra. In 2013 they decided to merge their extensive knowledge and expertise in the pool industry and business management and created a business with an emphasis on family. Their combined efforts to building the perfect team and commitment to excellence has driven BluePoint Pools to be a successful and respected company.  They have a cohesive comprising highly skilled members who are poised and ready to take any project. Their main focus is to provide a personalized experience with outstanding customer service and quality custom craftsmanship to every project!

“We love being part of completing our clients dreams. We know it takes hard work and dedication to be able to achieve their project dreams. We love and appreciate that they give us the opportunity to live our family’s dreams as well.”

Omar Becerra-Founder

Our Story

Our Story


Omar Becerra


Omar, the visionary and experienced pool company owner behind BluePoint Pools, is a remarkable individual with a wealth of expertise in the pool building industry. What sets Omar apart from other contractors is his comprehensive proficiency and ability to perform in every aspect of the job—from excavation to the installation of rebar, tile, and all masonry work. His extensive experience in plumbing further enhances his ability to address details and problem-solve at each stage of the project, making him a standout in the industry.

His journey began at the early age of 14, working alongside his father during the summers. Under his father’s guidance, Omar learned the ins and outs of residential pool building and later expanded his skills to include commercial pool projects.

By the time Omar turned 21, he had already gained considerable expertise and craftsmanship while working at California Commercial Pools, one of the industry’s leading companies. There, he contributed to the construction of notable projects such as Raging Waters Water Park, Nasa Training Center, Legoland Water Park, Olympic Pools,  Navy Training Centers, and Resorts. This experience not only honed his pool building skills but also instilled in him exceptional project management abilities and a deep understanding of various construction techniques.

At the young age of 24, Omar decided to embark on his entrepreneurial journey, becoming the youngest pool contractor in California at that time. This bold move reflected his confidence in applying the knowledge he had acquired over the years.

Beyond his professional achievements, Omar is known for his outgoing and funny personality, filled with positive energy. A family man at heart, he loves to motivate and assist others. Outside of work, he has a passion for music and enjoys spending his time outdoors, perhaps reflecting his early exposure to the construction world. Additionally, Omar has a fondness for lively gatherings and appreciates a good party, showcasing his vibrant and sociable nature.

With a combination of skills, experience, and a charismatic personality, Omar has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the pool building industry and continues to inspire those around him.

Yaneli Becerra


Since the age of 16, Yaneli has been driven by a determination for success, taking on professional roles typically reserved for individuals beyond her years. Her academic journey led her to CSUSB, where she earned bachelor’s degrees in both business management and accounting. Prior to co-founding BluePoint Pools at the age of 24, she gained valuable experience working for real estate brokers and a successful accounting firm.

As the Co-Founder, Yaneli contributes a robust grasp of business management principles to BluePoint Pools, with her accounting skills playing a pivotal role in ensuring the financial stability of the company. She assumes the responsibility of overseeing the accounting department, managing the financial aspects with diligence.

Encountering difficulties in finding a fitting lead designer for the company, Yaneli proactively addressed the challenge. Taking the initiative, she immersed herself in mastering the intricacies of pool design and site plan development. Harnessing her passion for aesthetics, functionality, and innovation, Yaneli has become a driving force behind the creative aspects of BluePoint Pools. Her hands-on involvement reflects her commitment to overcoming obstacles and contributing to the company’s success.

Yaneli plays a crucial role in turning clients’ pool dreams into stunning realities, showcasing her commitment to excellence in every project. Though she operates behind the scenes, she is undeniably the plays a crucial role in the company, contributing significantly to its success. Energetic and outspoken, Yaneli’s interests span the outdoors, dancing, food, travel, and continuous learning. Her greatest joys include spending time with her two children, family, and friends, adding a personal touch to her dynamic professional journey.