Design the Swimming pool

Initial Consultation

This is where we get to know you! We learn about your lifestyle, ideas, and design style! What your reveal helps build a foundation for your personalized design. We also walk through the entire yard to obtain measurements and data to accurately develop a perfect design and cost analysis.

3D Design and Proposal

We will create a design that will blow you away! This is where you get your first glance at your dream backyard. You will be presented with a detailed estimate so you know exactly where your investment is going! This is the time you take to make any final adjustments to the design and make decision on which estimate line items you like to keep or add in order to best fit your desires.

Engineering Plans

Once your design in finalized, we develop a site plan including the proper building data, building details, and city requirements. If your property belongs to a Homeowner’s Association, we also take care of creating a site plan meeting their requirements! Your project is then presented to our licensed pool engineer partners for approval. It’s now time for your project to be presented to your city for permits. We do it all for you!


Lets Start Building

Constuction Process

We have city permits and now it’s time for the fun part, the construction process.

Prior to begining the first step of the construction process, we spray the layout of the pool, outdoor additions like BBQ kitchens and firepits to ensure their location is exactly where you like it!

We go over the entire project one more time to make sure we are on the same page. Small changes can still be made before excavation. You are left to sit back and enjoy the process.

Steps of Construction

1. Excavation
2. Installation Steel Reinforcement
3. Plumbing, Gas, and Electrical Work
4. Shotcrete Installation (Pool Shell)
5. Pool Deck Installation
6. Masonry Work
7. Tile and Stone Work
8. Interior Pool Finish

Final Inspection

Your pool project will need to pass final inspection.

We take care of installing door, window, and water alarms where required. We make sure you have the proper pool enclosure requirements to pass final inspection.


Its time to Enjoy Your Dream Pool.

Final walk-through and Equipment Training

Together we will walk through the entire project to ensure everything has been completed properly and answer any questions you may have. Our certified technician will explain how to operate your equipment, maintenance requirements, and how to access all your pool functions. We will make sure you are leave you a confident pool owner!

Enjoy Your Dream Pool

At this point, our job is done! It’s time for you to enjoy your hard work and start building memories with your family and friends.